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  1. Thumbs up Rocky 6

    So I ordered some supplements a couple of days ago and when I received the package today they happened to throw in Stallone's new mag, "SLY". It has 6 pages of the actual script to be used in Rocky 6. I thought that the making of Rocky 6 was just rumors, but I guess it might happen sometime in the near future. They got talk of bringing back Dolph Lundgren as Drago. There is also talk about Rocky's big comeback against a character played by Vin Diesel. I guess that Stallone's actual son, Sage Stallone, will play his son in the new film as well. Adrian will have died of cancer according to the script. Anyways, just thought I'd throw it out there. Personally, I'm interested and looking forward to seeing this film, if and when it comes out.

  2. wow, interesting plot twist with adrian, etc...
    vin diesel could rival Mr T as the ultimate badguy if he was able to hit the mood right

  3. Yeah like if Vin played the badass role he played in Knockaround Guys or Pitch Black (without the eyes obviously) I could see it working really well.

  4. I got the issue of SLY and saw that. I knew it was in the works, but it has taken a long time to blossom.

    Speaking of the magazine, I found it to be rather good. It needed more pics of Jenna Jameson though. I've been waiting for the next issue to come out.

  5. I think Vin's best character was the role he played in "A Man Apart" - that was a cool flick.

    I really don't know how the story for Rocky VI would come together, that would be key of course, but I'd be game to see it if they put it out. Stallone made some sorry movies for a few years, but as a man, I respect and admire him. Hopefully, if they do VI it will be a crowning rendition to end the saga with.

  6. He should have to fight Dulf and Mr. T at the same time in the next one. There must all ready be an oscar buzz about part 6.

  7. Rocky V did not happen.....
    Love those Rocky marathons on TBS

  8. Well, seeing as how Vin Diesel and Mr. T both possess equivalent acting abilities, Vin should make a good Rocky addition.

    Reporter: Clubber, what is your prediction for the fight?
    Clubber: My prediction is pain!

    I laugh my ass off every time I see that line delivered by Mr. T in Rocky III.

  9. Rocky I is one of my favorite movies ... seriously an awesome flick

    ... after that they went STEEPLY downhill, each one worse than the one before it

  10. I agree, ROCKY I is without a doubt one of my favs. ROCKY III was served up from a cheese factory...horrible. ROCKY V should have never happened. However, I do likes the weekend marathons. But the marathons I like best are the Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns.

  11. The later Rocky flicks do serve as good popcorn movie entertainment though. ie. solidly entertaining if you manage not to take them too seriously (save for Rocky V, that one was a total dud).

  12. Watching the training scenes in 4 was good motivation but other than that the first one was the one to watch.

  13. dude, the first one makes me all softie n **** lol

  14. 1,2 and 4 were good. 3 was ok but 5 sucked. they should leave rocky alone if 5 is any sign of whats to come with 6


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