Becoming A Personal Trainer.....

  1. Question Becoming A Personal Trainer.....

    Yeah, so I've been considering it for a while and I think that I'd like to spend the time and money it takes to become a personal trainer....

    But see as with everything in life there is of course a problem....

    You see when I was doing some research on getting certified it seems there has to be close to like a million different certification programs out there....

    So my question to you guys is which one(s) are the most legit and respected among the gym community, which ones teach you the most, and which ones are going to get you a job...

    Any help/input/opinions would be most appreciated....

  2. I think we had a thread about this a while back.. do a quick search and see if you can get it to come up..

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    Yea it was mine! A lot of good info in it....I believe Body Wizard said he will keep a log on his certification in my thread! A lot of people are ACE certified and a lot like ISSA or ISSN, not sure which one....hope this helps!

  4. Tons of ppl ACE certified.

    I've been thinking about it, too.

    I've been working the front desk at a supp. shop and ppl keep coming back amazed at what my advice (which I don't follow) does for them--advice I just read around places like this

    So, I figured it like this...Get bigger, tell people you're the ****, they pay you big bucks to train them. That simple. Nothing more convincing than a big, cocky guy, and if the results come, so will the cash I mean, for the amount of time I spend helping these people out, and my pay (which works out to about $12/hr) I could easily work less and make more money while going to situation
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    I have pretty much the same story as Kwyck....hey, you stalking me bro!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  6. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
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    LOL....if you look at the bottom of this paste my post is right there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first one!

  7. Hey, bros - didn't mean to drop the ball on the log; I'll get it cranking in the next week.

    In my own defense , I'll just say that my wife moving out has hit me pretty hard; it's been extremely difficult trying to keep myself on track these last couple months.

    No excuses - just apologies.

    Here's the link to the other thread (thanks, MaNiaK!):
    Personal Training and Nutritionists

  8. ACE is the most recognized IMO...they say to go with them because almost any gym will accept certification from it and a lot of people know what ACE is....much more credible source. I thought about getting certified awhile back, but I still haven't decided.

  9. I dont agree with what NASM teaches (lots of core work, fixing posture, not all that much weightlifting) but it pays the most at a lot of gyms. I know it is now required at 24 Hour Fitnesses and most Gold's. Its not a breeze course, but a little bit of study and you should pass. Cost about 5 bills to get the at home CD, workbook, etc.

  10. In all honesty I think pretty much everything in those course books is either bunk or OLD news, so just go with the one that will get you the job you want and costs the least.

    Having been an employee at ISSA at one point, and having interacted with a lot of certified individuals from many organizations, I can tell you that the only ones that impressed me were a few individuals who had strength and conditioning/exercise science masters/phd degrees from certain schools and had a lot of time under their belt training ATHLETES. Strength and conditioning coaches are a very mixed bag (some have their heads up their asses) but it's usually pretty easy to tell which ones are the pros, because they are the ones that have teams that do well into the end of the season, have lower injury rates overall and typically more successful teams in general.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by BodyWizard

    In my own defense , I'll just say that my wife moving out has hit me pretty hard; it's been extremely difficult trying to keep myself on track these last couple months.

    sorry to hear that. Keep doing positive things for yourself and don't let it drag you down. I've been there, as well as many others on this board. After time passes on, you'll be doing just fine. In the mean time, keep yourself busy with things that affect you positively rather than destructively.


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