YahooFantasy Baseball Anyone?

  1. YahooFantasy Baseball Anyone?

    I have started two leagues.

    1. A live draft (much more fun than auto pick). Only sign up for this one if you can make the live draft, its going to be March 21st, at 6:50 EST. If you dont think you can make it, sign up for the second.

    2. Auto pick draft. Your players will be selected for you, you just run the team......

    Heres the link to sign up for a Yahoo ID. If you want to join either, just PM me and I'll PM you the league ID and password, please let me know which you can do....

  2. im down. could you remind us of the live draft when the date comes closer. (for people who forget easily like myself) Registered: Sage's Soldiers. Sage

  3. Will do man....

  4. I would but I am in couple Sandbox League already.  Is Yahoo a paid league?  I like the Sandbox formats and had played Basketball, Football, and Baseball.  However it is now $50 a year.  Hopefully they will get their act together because they tend to be late a few times on deliverables.

    Once the season start, we can have some bb chats.  Drafted my first team last Sunday and I took pitchers with my first 2 picks.  The other league drafts this coming Sunday and I am gonna try a different strategy.  I will get a top notch hitter, preferrably ARod, Bonds, Sosa, Soriano, Vlad etc with my first pick.  Reason being there are a group of elite hitters that put up good numbers year in year out but pitchers don't always have stellar seasons beside Schilling, Johnson, and may be Pedro.

  5. Yahoo is free...and its a badass set up..

  6. Love Yahoo fantasy. Would join your baseball, but I spend so much time with hockey and football that I need a fantasy break in the summer!

  7. YJ...all you need is my

  8. I'll play if theres still an open slot, currently also playing a keeper league and a salary league

  9. I'll play --- Yahoo Leagues are amazing
    YJ -- are you the commish?

  10. Well the league we had didnt take off that quiclky, but me and my good brother from Fitness Geared started one (he's the commish) and we need 3 more teams to start..... I'll check with him real quick.....

  11. You guys both have PMs...

  12. bump

  13. YJ I'm in with the live draft. PM me


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