Petition to the FDA?

  1. Petition to the FDA?

    How would someone go about getting some kind of law or whatever passed about nutritional information?

    I have been thinking over the past few days about serving size, and the loop holes that allow companies to label things "fat free" so long as they are under a certain amount per serving. And of course we all know how small the serving sizes become. I think all the "hidden fats" in our diet are really what messes us up. I mean we all know what foods are high fat..MC Donalds etc. i mean its common sense.

    But for things such as cooking spray, I'm thinking 99% of the population thinks they are being healthier, which fine they are..but not as healthy as they think. I was looking at my cooking spray that I had been using, and it never dawned on me to check serving size.

    1/4 of a spray. Wtf is that? How do you even know how much that is. I am assuming that it takes about 6 full sprays (however long that is) to even coat a pan and be able to cook in it.

    I am interested in trying to get something together to push for these changes to be made on nutritional labels.

    I also think GI numbers should be posted on the labels also. I mean we have "Net Carbs" which your avg person probably doesn't even know what that is supposed to mean.

    Carbohydrates 40g
    Fiber 4g
    sugars 6g

    well what is the other 30???? I think a GI index reference would be good. I mean the media is always covering how fat people are etc. I think something like this would be a huge step in the right direction at the overall health of not only us fat Americans, but the entire world. Europe is starting to see an obesity "epidemic" as well.

    so whos with me?!?!?! lol
    How do you even start something like this? I mean if we pool our resources, and get pretty much everyone from every fitness site on the net to get involved, I think we would have a pretty strong presence.


  2. I'm saying though, if you created enough 'buzz' about something like this...could get in touch with that guy who did SUPER SIZE ME..he'd be down and hes semi famous now..

    i mean nothing like this ever happens because people are either lazy or just don't know how to go about it.

    I mean think about it.. All the members here, (yeah i know)..cem..etc. Get some reputable people... we can all chip in to get a website up that we can direct people to who want to take part etc.

    I mean i was just looking at this "fat free" french vanilla.
    Partially hydrogenated soy bean oil*
    *adds an insignificant amount of fat.

    Who says it's insignificant is what I want to know?


  3. lol wtf is a 1/4 spray!?
    thats so funny.

    I want the GI index on nutrition labels, it's very important.
    I think we should start a petition, it can say that GI index is just as important as the amount of sugars, because the sugars are fast acting, but what about the rest of the carbs.
    Also, we can write that the GI index is important for diabetics, as they need to limit their high GI carbs.
    I can easily get 100 people to sign the petition, but someone needs to draw something up, maybe put it in a PDF file, and everyone can print it out, get signatures, then mail their signatures with addresses to one person and that person can send the letter and the signatures together.
    Who are we going to send the letters to though? I have no clue on that.

    but if we get a few different boards sending 50 signatures per person, we can easily get a few thousand signatures. it's worth the time and effort.

  4. this is the information age my

    there will be no signing papers.

    Ideally you get a website.

    If anyone remembers before the ph ban, there was that one site that had eveyrones local politicians names..and you could enter a messge to them or something in opposition to the ban

    we need something like that.

    how hard is it to put

    Carbohydrates 40g
    fiber 6g
    sugars 2g
    GI 100

    And if they are going to put these small ass serving sizes, I think we should be able to determine for ourselves whether we think that the "insignificant amount" of fat is really of no concern..if it's that insignificant, then y not put it..

    I am going to look into this


  5. on another order to have this even have ANY impact, I'm thinking you need at least 100K sigs...If you consider how large the american population is, you would need quite a substantial backing to even get this in the door.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by hamper19
    this is the information age my
    sorry i guess i'm just old

    and also we should TRY to get those sigs, and honestly I think we can.
    There was a good article on GI Index, that is a good start. We have to let people know the basic facts of what the GI is and how it will help them.

  7. I learned about the GI index here. it's long, but very informative.
    I didn't know what it was before I read this.

    The Right Carbs for Building Muscle


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