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  1. Virus Alert

    I got struck by a computer virus that might also get some of you.  It's called w32.Kwbot.C.worm.  It can enter your system through your KaZaa portal.  It allows the intruder to gain access to your date and pass it on to others.  They (Symantec) claims it is relatively easy to eliminate but I haven't been able to delete the cmd32.exe file which is still infected.  The good news for me is that the last time I upgraded my Windows, I left the old system on the hard drive under the folder name Window (without the "s" at the end) and the virus attached itself to my old version of windows versus my new one.  As Jim Morrison said, "People are strange."  Don't know why jerks feel the need to screw with people.  Wanted to give you guys the heads up.  Watch what you are doing downloading stuff from KaZaa.  Later.

  2. coz they be nerds man, what the hell else they got better to do? never had enough contact with real people to learn proper manners either I'd assume

  3. thanks

  4. actually its funny u mention that because i just got that virus from kazaa a few days ago, but yes it is simple to get rid of. go to
    and get the free AVG anti-virus program, its supposed to be the best free one out there, even picks up viruses that norton can miss, plus u get free unlimited updates of new virus names and such, no having to buy an upgrade every year like norton. but yeah soon as i finished dling a file from kazaa AVG picked it up in about 10 seconds and had it taken care of. just be sure to update ur AVG often to keep up to date with new viruses. hope this helps.

  5. thnaks bill and matt dog
    much appreciated



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