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  1. Thumbs up Free Supplements...

    I don't know about you, but I like getting free stuff in the mail. Anyways, I got these from another site. Enjoy.

    Scivation Neurostim
    Register to get a FREE sample of Neurostim - an energy and focus supplement

    Optimum Nutrition Adenergy
    From this link, click on the PROMOTIONS button and follow the directions to get a FREE sample of Adenergy - a strength and energy supplement

    BSN EndoRush
    Complete the form to be eligible to receive a FREE sample of EndoRush - an new RTD-format product from BSN
    Note: This is apparently not an open FREE offer, that is, not everyone who signs up gets a product, apparently there will be a drawing or random slection of some sort.

    Sign-up for their VIP Club and get a Lean Mass Matrix meal replacement sample

    The following are not 'sports nutrition' or major companies, but I thought I'd post them anyway:

    Complete this form to get a free sample of this Omega-3 product

    Another form, another small sample - this is an energy caplet product

    Heart Foods
    Five day supply of Heart Food Caps - a heart/circulatory system supplement

    Lignisul MSM
    Sign-up for the 'Natrol Nutrition Club' and receive a FREE sample of Lignisul MSM - purported to be an ultra-pure form of MSM****1

    Makers of Redtest. They are offering a FREE sample. Of what, I don't know, it doesn't say, LOL

    TKE Fitness
    FREE sample of Muscle Quencher high-protein meal-replacement

    Bragg Health Products
    FREE sample - site says 'Bragg Liquid Aminos contains essential and non-essential amino acids'

    A Glucosamine & Chondroitin sugar-free drink mix - fill out the form for a FREE sample

    Xtreme Health
    Site says, 'Formulas for energy, weight loss, and improved stamina' - link and look for the red 'FREE sample' button

    Get FREE samples including HDT protein product samples and Daily Detox - you can choose which items to receive

    AST Sports Science
    Get a FREE copy of their High-Perfomance Muscle magazine

    This is good stuff. I use it myself. They do not have a specific FREE sample form, instead, in their FAQ for consumers this Q&A is listed:

    "Q: Can you send me a sample of Biofreeze?

    A: Of course, we would be glad to send you a sample packet for Biofreeze. Included will be a brochure on the product itself [and] “2? of the 5 gm trial packets for you to try..."

    So, apparently you can use their contact form and request this in the comments section.

  2. Thanks alot Nate. When you get these, please post them!

    BTW, what is the promotional code for Flexable?

  3. Cool thanks Nate

  4. I tried all of them, some links don't work correctly. I forget which ones.

  5. Bump. Anyone else got any links for free samples?

    I know if you go to and click in the upper right they will supposedly send a sample.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80
    Bump. Anyone else got any links for free samples?

    I know if you go to and click in the upper right they will supposedly send a sample.
    Note: On above site, the submit button is missing at the moment.

    I got quite a few sample from the list above. It only took like 3, 4 and 5 months plus, but I got em.

  7. The above site is good to go now. You'll recieve two sample packs of stim-x.

  8. I got 2 sample packs of Amp from a link I found on here.
    If I get time, I'll dig the link up.

    Yeah, it does take a while for most of the samples to show up (Amp was relatively fast though....).

  9. Here's another. For this one you have to sign up for a newsletter or some crap first. You should get a free sample, a free gift, coupons, and a product broshure.

  10. 2 day sample of AMP.

    Free Gakic sample. Go to the bottom.

  11. Nate told me about this thread.

    Gakic free sample at

    I tried it and here are my results.

    After I posted them I was told that Custom Nutrition Warehouse sells it in bulk for for A TON less money.

    Gakic from muscletech

    Sleep Supplement 3Z BCAA: Red Raspberry and Lemon flavors
    HGH/sleep enhancer: HGHpro
    Test Booster: TestoPRO and STOKED!
    Preworkout: MANIAC Fruit Punch and Pink Lemonade

  12. Free stuff is good. I'm looking forward to trying AMP.

  13. Any of you guys having trouble with the stimulant x website?

  14. Quote Originally Posted by DaWarw
    Any of you guys having trouble with the stimulant x website?


  15. Don't know. I'm sure it won't be down for much longer.

  16. Register and recieve free Primaforce samples.****19

    For the Vegans out there. Recieve a free Vegan MRP.****720

  17. Any free samples of Test? hehehe

  18. 8-day trial of different types of digestive supplements. I only put this one up because they have a gas prevention supplement. I need this sometimes, just ask my wife.

  19. i cant find the free gakic at
    have they removed that now?

  20. You'd hate my guts if i even listed 1/4th of the free stuff I get on a weekly basis..

  21. yeah no more free GAKIC that I have seen
    Heres another freebie though
    Steel Edge pre-workout supp
  22. Thumbs up

    Thanks for the freebies.
  23. Smile

    Thanks for the freebies, If its free its for me

  24. I waited for my free Gakic and it never came. Just wanted to let you guys know, you might not recieve it


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