True Life: I'm a Bodybuilder....

  1. True Life: I'm a Bodybuilder....

    SO I am new to this site but found something last night while looking up some stuff on the MTV website. I was looking through the casting call section when what did my eyes see but the series true life is doing a documentary on Bodybuilders. From people just starting out to people that have done a couple shows to possibly even some pro's. I found that to be pretty cool for the simple fact that it gives a little more exposer to a sport that has been a HUGE part of my life for the past 3 years.
    I just hope it goes over well...they are still taking applications incase any of you want to try to get an segment on the show.
    Well anyways...thanks for a great site, very very informative.

  2. Welcome, you might find this thread interesting.....****2182

  3. Hey YJ,
    I have been meaing to shoot you a message on one of these boards but had to figure exactly what I was talking about first

    My background first of all:

    I was a runner from 94 to 99 doing both track and xcountry I got to college and found i needed some more strength for hurdles so I started going to the gym more often. Right around that time my roomate decided he was quitting track and lifting full time. well after about a year of seeing him blow up and make some awsome gains I evaluated whta I wanted lift and get stronger and bigger or stay small and run. Right then I went for the gym and have never looked back.
    I started out at 5'10 130 pounds. so after the past 2 years now of gaining a much better understanding of nutrition and how my body reacts to certain training schemes I am up to 195 pounds at I would like to say 12% bodyfat...
    My arms are 16 inches and 16.25 respectfully. I haven't really measured much else. I have a very strong lower body from being a runner.

    Some of my present lifts.
    Chest: 225 flat bench for 8
    incline 185 for 8(working on my upper chest a lot more)

    Deads pyramid up to 450 for 6 final set
    pulldown 200 for 6
    barbell row 225 for 6
    pullups with bodyweight...not good at pullups can get 8-9

    barcurl: 135 for 6
    dumbell 70's for 6

    dips 70pound dumbell for 8
    nosebreakers(skulls) 35 a side for 8
    frenchpress(two hand dumbell) 90 for 8

    pyramid up 4 sets last set 375 for 6
    leg press personal best was 1005 for 3 reps
    work out with 945 for 8ro 10

    straightleg deads 185 for sets of 15
    curls(everymachine different but mine 150 for 8

    calves have naturally good calves


    Military 155 for 6
    dumbell 80's for 6
    side raises 35's for 10
    rear 40 for 8 strict form
    front raises(seated)35's for 8

    I do abs every 2 days. and forearms with shoulders.

    I am a construction laborer. I move a lot of brick and block but I still go to the gym 5 days a week.
    I have only ever supplemented with creatine and glutamine.
    I consume at least 4500 calories if I dont' get that I don't gain anything because of the laboring. I get 280 grams of protein, mostly from my food, other sources from post workout drink and accasional added protein bar.

    Now to what I hvae my question about.
    I am thinking of doing a ph cycle. can't decided between the t-1 or t-1 pro
    I can spend the money on all the other suppliments needed to make sure I get the best results. I have been reading for a couple weeks now about everyone elses dosages and results and have seen that I should take a smaller doseage of 4ml a day for my first cycle. I am just wondering what your thoughts are on what i should do...

    Any input would be of great help.
    My long term goal is to compete next year sometime after I have fixed more of my weaknesses.

    thanks again

  4. Damn we need a section on this board called "The Bee Hive" for me

    Well this is a fine example of what the mods and vets here are looking for when they do a cycle/diet/training critique, so I give you props on that. The only thing I see and its not a real problem, just a suggestion is: if you're doing abs every two days, make sure you're not using weight. I like doing them twice a week (Mon. & Thurs). Abs are like any muscle, if you train it with weight, you'll need your 6 or 7 days rest.

    Go to the link in my signature and figure up your BMR (Matt D's BMR Calculator) and that will help a ****load.

    As for the PH cycle, I would start out at the low dose, if after a week or 10 days you dont notice any improvement (increased pumps, strength increase, weight gain) up that to a moderate dose, and so on. If you see good results from a low dose, no reason to up it. As for supplements, stick to the basics. Flax oil, liver tabs, creatine and whey powder.

    Anything else you need help with, let us know....

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