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favorite BB currently competing

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  1. favorite BB currently competing

    again simple question who's your favorite bodybuilder currently competing? i would say dexter because i think he's amazing BUT i'm going to go with Lee Priest because the question isn't best ... i love reading lee's interviews as he comes across honest and pissed off at the lousy state of pro bb today along with having some of the most impressive arms ever, i think he's got a great physique

  2. yeah, i'll agree with ya on that one. lee priest is uncommonly blunt and honest with his interviews, which makes for good reading. i voted for lee, but ronnie is a close second.

  3. I had to go with Dex because I didn't want to get caught in the stampede of everyone picking Gunter.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Beowulf
    I had to go with Dex because I didn't want to get caught in the stampede of everyone picking Gunter.

    Dex looks the best, Lee has a great attitude and I like him for that. Gotta go with RUHL though, his name is fun to say!

  5. I'm gonna say Lee for 3 reasons:
    1. he's candid, honest, bitter, entertaining (as previously mentioned).
    2. best photo I ever saw of a BB'er was Lee; like a semi-candid black and white that made him look seriously like a machine of some kind--just huge, but shredded to ribbons. Seriously made him look like he was made of metal or something.
    3. That muscletech ad with Lee eating Krispy-Kremes off season.

  6. Lee priest, just look at those Arms. Best arms in the history of the business. no GH gut either

  7. I like Ruhl, he cracks me up. I think his videos won a fan for life. He's a beast, he's modest and always extremely friendly.

  8. I gotta go with a guy not on the list, Victor Martinez. He to me represents the future of bodybuilding, and seems like he could very well be Mr. Olympia someday.

    As far as guys on the list go, I'd likely pick Darrem Charles. He consistently achieves absolutely diced conditioning. Check out his side tricep pose, it's positively sick.

  9. oh man i can't believe i left out victor martinez .. i know what happened i was about to put him in then i stopped to think if i want to put in Capreise Murray but decided since he hasn't actually competed in a pro show yet (he will in May in NYC) i won't (even though i love him) and after that Victor completely left my mind

  10. Another Lee Priest fan here. I thought he looked really good at the Arnold and thought he would finish better.

  11. victor martinez is starting to get that huge HGH gut. He used to look great a few years back.

  12. what about chris Dim, great V-taper. Huge bi/tri's

  13. Victor Martinez has a huge gh gut? That's news to me, here's a pic from this year's olympia that looks like a pretty damn tight midsection to me.
    Attached Images Attached Images

  14. And here's a pic illustrating Darrem Charles hitting a side tricep pose.
    Attached Images Attached Images

  15. Regarding Vic, I think this comment comes from a pic from the Arnold that led many people to start making the GH Gut accusations. I saw it a bb.com.

  16. i saw vic martinez a few years ago at the night of Champs and his waist was tiny, i saw pics from the arnold, and he's starting to look pregnant.

  17. I'm going with Dex, that's how I wanna look.

  18. Darrem Charles, because that is how a bodybuilder should look.

  19. Another vote for Dexter with Lee a close 2nd

  20. Quote Originally Posted by rippedtothebone
    i saw vic martinez a few years ago at the night of Champs and his waist was tiny, i saw pics from the arnold, and he's starting to look pregnant.
    For all who were curious about Vic's gut:
    Attached Images Attached Images

  21. Yeah, that's certainly not a very flattering pic to say the least. Hopefully he hasn't messed up his midsection for good, as I thought his look at the Olympia was nearly perfect.

    One other thing I did notice is that it also looks as though he may be starting to use synthol in his arms, as his biceps and triceps are both beginning to have a very smooth, unnatural look to them.

  22. well ronnie finally got some votes, but my man Lee is still in the lead

    how can you not LOVE a guy that (up until this year) routinely got up to 280 at 5'4 in the offseason!!! ... KFC really should have given him an endorsement deal ... eat KFC and get 22 inch arms

  23. Ronnie Coleman

  24. just for fun if i were to rank these in terms of who i thought was the BEST
    1. dexter - his conditioning is unreal .. simply amazing and his physique is close to flawless
    2. ronnie - the guy comes in shredded at 300lbs .. if it wasn't for his enormous gut he'd be number 1
    3. cutler - another giant of human being that has SICK conditioning .. if he could ever just come in completely dry
    4. lee - i think he is so underrated .. the latest pics i've seen of him from the ironman, arnold, and austraila shows he looks AMAZING .. finally dried up those glutes and hams .. unreal upper body
    5. gustavo baldell - guy always comes in looking fantastic ... although watch out for his GH gut .. i think in the next few years its going to get BAD
    6. troy alves - seriously WATCH OUT for this guy .. he's gonna be something special if he can put on some more weight .. and yes i want him placed up this high
    7. chris cormier - AMAZING!! .. sometimes .. has to be more consistant
    8. RUHL - ya gotta love markus SIMPLY ENORMOUS no two ways about it ... has to bring up his triceps and work on his lats some though ... conditioning needs to be slightly improved
    9. darrem charles - sick conditioning, needs more muscle size though
    10. melvin anthony - needs more size and to be more consistant .. i don't know if he'll ever look as good as he did at the 2005 NOC again
    11. gunther - wow talk about hype over nothing (he's the olestra of the group)
    12. federov - guys chest is TINY compared to his arms .. although he may have the best legs on the planet ... including ronnie .. too many flaws though ... his back symmetry is all ****ed up as well

    any one else have any thoughts ... i really don't want to get back to studying contract law so this seemed like a great excuse not to

    oh and another guy to watch out for in the years to come .. david henry .. him and troy alves will do a lot of damage i assure you of this

  25. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    3. cutler - another giant of human being that has SICK conditioning .. if he could ever just come in completely dry.......
    Big bump to this. If he could come dry (i've seen him more dry in vids than on stage....WTF?) and would start doing some real heavy lifting on teh compuonds like R.C. does, i think he coudl take the crown..............


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