I will pay $$$ for a Current or Ex-Financial Accounting College Student's Help

  1. I will pay $$$ for a Current or Ex-Financial Accounting College Student's Help

    Just need some help doing my Annual Report Project

    Will pay some serious money for assistance or completion of this project

    Someone who has already taken this class might have already done the same thing before
    my Fin. Accounting teacher said many colleges use this same Assigment for their end of year project.

    Project consists of writing a paper 2-3 pages, doing a balance sheet, ect. Perdy GAY haha

    I will answer more questions and can give you the actual Assignment plan thru PM if needed

  2. I am 2 years out of college...graduated with a bus admin degree with emphasis in accounting. have been working at a public accounting cpa firm since june 2003. let me know...

  3. very nice!! Thank GODD!!! Just what Ive been looking for

    my email address is owner@adequateintake.com

    If you email me there I can give you what the assignment is and we can negotiate a price if your interested.

    I really appreciate it

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