Need some help with tight hamstrings

  1. Need some help with tight hamstrings

    I need some help with some exercises to help stretch out my hamstrings.. I do the normal stretching but they still will not stretch out enough not to make my lower back not hurt from time to time.. One other thing, about a year ago, I was horsing around and took off in a dead sprint without warming up good.. needless to say I pulled my hamstring extremely well... didn't get any rehab for it.. and after that was when I started to have trouble with the banjo strings I have now for hamstrings... Got any ideas of some exercises I could do to "help" them stretch backout?

  2. The best strethc for hammys is lying on your back and hold you lge up in the air and pull it back with your arms slowly, there are 3 muscles that make up your hamstrings, all depends on which one you pulls as to how quickly you can return to normal.

  3. Hey YJ,
    Is that with your hands interlaced behind the knee? or straight legged. As for the one I pulled I think it was the middle part of it... Biceps Fermoris from my little M&F Anatomy chart. It appears to be healed now.. just it does have the correct ROM/stretching ability it used to.

  4. yes, straight leg...

    You have to give it time, this is a large group of muscles and they are used on a dialy basis, a terrible injury, nagging.

    Biceps Femoris is the largest one running down the center, the most commonly injuried and the longest to rehab. I once strained my semi-tendonosis and was out for awhile, couldnt imagine pulling my BF. Give it type, rest it, ice it the usual. Heat it before any running and warm up slowly and thoroughly. And best of luck
    And your liver tabs will be out to you tomorrow.

  5. You know the most painful thing about when I did that was having to limp my way back to my classroom and finish out the day... my wife about beat my ass to death after we got back from the emergency room Now all I need to do is get it to stretch back out... Thanks for the help YJ. I am going to start doing those nightly to see if that will get my flexiblity back some.

  6. Yea, remember to pause and hold it for around 10 slow seconds.....

    Keep us updated on it man...might have to fly out there and get my ATC on.

  7. will do on the keeping you posted!

  8. as you know, there numerous stretches (standing, sitting, lying) that you can stretch out your hams. if you cant really feel a stretch using your flexiblity as stabilizers, then using support (as in a bench where you can put your legs up on and lean forward, etc) can be helpful too. but like yj said, hold for a SLOW count and never bounce on the bottom/far reach of a stretch.


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