heheh... got the best compliment

  1. heheh... got the best compliment

    Ive been using 1T pro for three weeks now and aside from people asking me how much weight Ive gained I got the best compliment yet last night...

    I just finished training light chest and heavy arms and was pumped as hell... veins were popping out of my shopulders..I was walking towards the juice bar the two younger guys were working out... I caught them staring at me as I walked by and one guy looks over at the other and says
    "Thats what I want to look like"

    I think my head swelled up three sizes. LOL

    funny thing is that Im not even that big... 17" arms and a 31" waist. Hell I only wiegh 195lbs...

  2. thats a great compliment to help boost your self esteem. Hopefully I'll get big enough after recieving my t-1 pro (which should come within a few days).

  3. Nice bro. It's always nice to hear that. I had a guy once tell me the same thing but yet I swear the guy was bigger than I am.

  4. Good to hear milo keep it up man.

  5. oh ONLY 17 inches huh? hehe..

    yeah ive actually heard that from some scrawny kids before made me feel good although im not huge at all either..

  6. thats pretty ****ing huge i'd have to say...195 with a 31" waist, 17" arms.....hmm...i'd have to say thats a good size...


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