Bodyfat testing with calipers...

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    Bodyfat testing with calipers...

    I just wanted to know if anybody has an ACCURATE way of using calipers. I have the plastic calipers that click from accufitness and also have there digital calipers. I always feel like I am pinching too much or not enough fat when I do it and don't know whether to take certain measurements flexed or relaxed. I could of sworn one of the MODS here posted two different ways to measure using the cheap plastic calipers, I think it was a 7 adn a 10 points on the body using a certain formula...I couldn't find it in a search. I also saw a guy using a Bodyfat caliper that looked like a doctor would use and wondered if it is any more accurate and/or where to get it. I saw the guy use it in Flex Wheelers tape when he was training naturally.

  2. You should only be pinching 3 inches, no more get a measuring tape if needed. I have instructions on the accu-measure ones your talking about. It also has a chart that it came with.You take a reading of the supralliac area. This area is approximately one inch above the right hipbone about 5 inches to the right of and just below your belly button..While standing firmly pinch the suprailliac skinfold between your left thumb and forefinger. Place the jaws of the calipers over the skinfold while continuing to hold the skinfold with the left hand. Then take your measurement as per the instructions and the diagram. Once your finished refer to the chart. You should have all this with your caliper.

  3. You can either do it that way in that one area(suprailliac) or use the digital caliper and do the three area test. I never get a consistant reading with the digital one. The suprailliac area one with the chart is the most consistant for me.

  4. That was me that had the post on here.. let me find that link again here is one here is the other one

  5. It will probably be a lot easier to have someone else do it for you. Just make sure they are consistent.

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    Thanks a lot guys! Hey Matt D and Sticks, how do you guys test your bodyfat? My only REAL problem area to pinch is the stomach area. The area that is indicated to pinch barely gives me anything whereas if I where to go lower it is quite easier to pinch, as it is where to fat seems to accumulate, the "pouch area" if you would.

  7. You could always find a place that did hydrostatic weighing. It is accurate and consistent. Typically it costs $25-30 to get it done. This is how I get myself checked. My wife goes to the same place, but they check her with calipers because she's not interested in going underwater and blowing out all her air (which is part of the hydrostatic weighing procedure.)
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    How would I find out about a place in my area for this Shoot?!
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    BUMP on my last question.


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