1. chem???

    ok i am returning to school in jan..decided to take a chem and bio..wanted to study up on chem before i went back i could at least have a running could someone point me in the right direction of a good book..kinda like a chem for dummies kind of thing?am i making sense ?lmao

  2. What type of chem... inorganic (basic) or organic?

  3. Damn....hopefully inorganic, with bio Im assuming thats the case, I hope he wouldnt jump right into organic chem.

  4. yep basic...i was always good with the sciences in h.s but i wont even attemp organic

  5. I was hoping the same thing YJ but he might have had a little chemo before so I thought I would ask...

  6. Hey wojo,
    Are you still talking to any of you science teachers from HS. If so, you might ask about borrowing a book to look over some stuff.. I know I have an open door for all my old students... If not I think I might have some sites you could look at.. I will have to look

  7. Okay here are some links I have from my school favorites folder periodic table stuff Gas Laws and Kinetic Molecular Theory
    Okay that is all I can find right now..

  8. appreciate ur 25..after high school i hopped into art school..then went back to work with my family..we own and operate 2 im going into a whole new world here..been thinking about it for awhile so decided to take the jump

  9. As a chemist I can tell you that there are many options for chemistry at the university level.  Some are geared for health sciences (general overviews) and others are for science majors.  What exactly were you thinking of taking?  If it is general chemistry the course covers all that you need to know but you may wish to brush up on basic algebra skills.  Or, you may want to review your calculus if that sequence demands it (mine did, it will help you derive equations).

    If you were going to take the organic sequence the general chemistry is a pre-requesite anyway.

    Let me know if you need any other help.


  10. well this is a totally k\new thing for me..i have a all art background..previouslyin h.s i did very well at both math and science(all honors level)..but its a good 5-7 yrs since i have taken any such i already have to take the algebra and calculus as i have all but forgotten it now seems i will have plenty of free time on my hands as i seem to have gotten a dui..which is ironic considering i blew under the limit and was driving a firends car as he was too intoxicated to drive it himself..but anyway the course i am taking is a general chem as i am looking at becoming a possible nurse in the future(no gaylord faulker jokes please) or going into A PHARM-D PROGRAM..THANX FOR UR TIME GIUYS IT IS GREATLY APPRECIATED


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