Sick as a F*cking Dog!!!

  1. Sick as a F*cking Dog!!!

    I think I have strep throat. I can't talk, eat any whole foods or whey shakes for that matter, because it causes too much mucus in my throat and just kills me. Any suggestions? This really sucks too, b/c I am on day 5 of PCT. Food just rips apart my throat now. I am trying to take vitamins, but I gag on the right away since there isnt too much room back there right now due to swelling. The other dumb ass thing is military clinics. I called from 0630 this morning to get an appointment today and finally got through at 0830 and they were booked for today. So I went to the ER. 4hr WAIT!!!!!! So I think I will be going to the ER late tonight so I can see a doc. Any advice would help greatly!

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    i'd take something to help numb your throat a bit like a losenge before you eat. Then even when you do eat, I'd make my diet liquid based so as not to agitate your throat anymore than you have to. They also have that spray (it is red and starts with a "C" I believe) that will help numb your throat...

  3. you think?

    Go find out!

    Geez... what does it take for people to get their ass to a doctor? obviously there seems ot be a major problem going on but you come on here for advice and help?

    Go see a Doc bro!

    Edit: Re-read your post and noticed oyu tried to call a for a DR. Good for you. I'll keep my post up about people needing to go see a Dr. when big problems like these arise. That's what they are there for - not us!

  4. The guaifensin in vasopro will clear up the mucous. Also you can get just plain guaifensin at the drugstore. I'm not sure of the brand name.

  5. Yeah I got guafenisen. Not really helping though. Not too much stuff is coming up when I cough. Yeah the military way to get an appointment at the doc's sucks. I was calling for 2 hrs this morning and when I finally got through they were all filled up for the day. Gonna go to the ER late tonight when its not too busy. It was a 4-6hr wait today. Tattoo, you are thinking of cloriseptic. Yeah that stuff works well, but doesn't reduce the swelling I have back there. That is also a problem for me.

  6. Sorry to hear about your infection. You may need antibiotics. SHake down anyone you know for a pennicillin or erithro, azithro, clarithro- mycin derivative that you can. Surely someone has something somewhere until you can get to the doc. And get a new doc. \\

    Or it could be a virus and you just have to wait it out. If you get shivers and chattering teeth, it's time to go to the ER no matter what.

    I could be wrong....

  7. i got the same ****....DAMN. i have to stop my M1T/4-AD cycle with 9 days left only...

  8. Finally everything is going away. No fever, just sore throat and coughing the nasty stuff up out of my lungs. Mine lasted 4 days, don't know how long everyone else is getting sick for. Probably tomorrow I will be back at about 100%

  9. green tea helps. You get a product called emergan-c. It's a effervescent vitamin c drink. Any time a get sick I take 4 a day.


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