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    Explosions Are a Growing Hazard at Crematoriums
    STOCKHOLM (Reuters)

    Dead people are increasingly going out with a bang in Sweden and the trend is posing serious occupational hazards for crematorium workers, a Swedish church newspaper said.

    Kyrkans Tidning reported a growing number of explosions in caskets during cremations, sparked by undetected items including heart pacemakers, whose batteries ignite in the intense heat.

    Swedes have increasingly taken to cremation and the paper said next of kin and friends were adding to the problem by leaving explosive farewell tokens such as bottles of alcohol, ammunition cartridges and pieces of fireworks in the coffins.

    Silicon implants in women who had had cosmetic breast surgery were also known to have exploded during cremation.

  2. hahaha... crazies... *snap crackle pop*, goes dear aunt thelma

  3. Oh god

    They could have donated their implants after they died, geeez

  4. New terrorist bomb....flaming implants.

  5. scuse me ma'am, yer boob is ticking



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