Well THIS is scary..another fine Ashcroft idea

  1. Well THIS is scary..another fine Ashcroft idea

    I have no issue with them busting people for illegal drugs or juice, it is part of the game. BUT..with everything else going on reguarding terrorism and everything else..THIS is just a disgrace.

    U.S. Says It Has Cut Off Supplies of Drug

    WASHINGTON, Feb. 24 Federal officials said today that they had shut down the major suppliers of drug paraphernalia in the United States in a series of nationwide raids, arresting 55 people who prosecutors said had trafficked in an array of merchandise that included lipstick-shaped marijuana pipes and gas-mask bongs.

    Drug paraphernalia, once the province of neighborhood head shops, has "exploded" into a multimillion-dollar industry through the Internet, as suppliers have shopped their wares on public Web sites with little fear of prosecution, officials said in announcing the arrests.

    Federal officials said the raids had yielded several tons worth of drug paraphernalia used both by suppliers to help produce drugs for resale and by users to conceal drugs. Investigators said the items which included drug pipes hidden in school highlighters, soft-drinks cans and lipstick cases would sell for tens of millions of dollars on the open market.

    The authorities also shut down a dozen or so Web sites that had been used to sell paraphernalia. People who tried to log on were instead directed to a Drug Enforcement Administration Web site that informed them that the dealers were out of business.

    While trafficking in drug paraphernalia is a violation of federal law, it is a crime that has rarely attracted the interest of the federal authorities. But Attorney General John Ashcroft said the department decided to launch a multiagency undercover operation after a recent case in Pittsburgh involving a national dealer had pointed up the depth of the problem.

    Some groups opposed to the Bush administration's drug policies questioned whether the Justice Department was wasting its resources on a fairly obscure part of the drug-trafficking industry.

    But Mr. Ashcroft, joined by the head of the D.E.A. and the White House drug czar, said the rising ease with which young people could get their hands on paraphernalia was a growing concern to him and others in the administration.

    "This is a federal case because it's against the federal law," Mr. Ashcroft declared. He said the paraphernalia business "has invaded the homes of families across the country without their knowledge."

  2. Good post. Guess this means you can buy bongs and bowls off line anymore...

  3. Originally posted by wardog

    " He said the paraphernalia business "has invaded the homes of families across the country without their knowledge."
    **** this ****. if youre ignorant parents, youre ignorant parents... your kid will still do what they want... if you're informed... well that alleviates the whole problem to begin with... damn, I hate this kind of ****
  4. Hmm...

    Is it 2003 or 1984?

    Slowly, little bits of our freedom is being taken away, when will they come for us?
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  5. It's a waste of resources, and they only do it to take our attention off what's really going wrong.


  6. It just really pisses me the hell off. I don't use drugs, in fact, steroids are my anti-drug. However, a "riad" on internet bong sales is PATHETIC! We have all this terrorist panic going on..and this Nazi ashcrfoft is throwing people in jail who sell bongs and scales..how pathetic.

    I used to consider Animal a paranoid SOB, now, I am actually starting to see he may not be too far off with Talamerica!


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