Ignore Certain Forum Areas?

  1. Ignore Certain Forum Areas?

    I was wondering is there any setting I could change that would allow me to ignore certain areas of the forum. When I click on "new posts" there are just certain forum sections I just don't read and it would be easier just to not have them come up when I search for new posts.

  2. Bump this up for me. Anyway to do this?. It would make it a much better UI. Certain forum areas I just don't read the posts. Not Interested.

  3. not possible from what I know..

  4. It would be nice if you guys could update it to change it. It would be nice to be able to customize(sp.) the UI aside from the settings you can change now. I mean I simply don't read posts in certain areas of the site. It would just make things easier.

  5. You could just click the forums you want to read, the unread ones will still showup as "undread" and new, as well as have the "view first new post" option as well.

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  6. T bone I dont that I have even seen a hack for vboards that would allow you to do that.. I might be wrong


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