Who works at GNC?

  1. Who works at GNC?

    Just wanting to find out who works at GNC here?

    'PM' me if at all possible. JUst wanted to go over a few things with ya, I just got a job there, haha.

    Thanks guys

  2. PM's are disabled...

  3. dang oh, well

    possibly email me at

    [email protected]

    Just wanted to see how the whole system and training works...
    i basically know all the supp's and what they do, just wanted
    any type of TIPS or INSIDE INFO needed to stand out during training week
    in different aspects than just knowing the supp's


  4. even with the GNC worker's 'discount' they still probably make money of you.
    My Little Site about Hair Loss & Anabolics-
    hair loss from steroids dot com

  5. are you trying to steal?

  6. bahahaha noooo

    i was just wantin to know who worked or has work there
    so I know what to expect on my first week of training
    I dont wanna sit thru abunch of stupid crap that I already
    know of them teaching me products lol
    So I was wondering if I was gonna have to deal with it anyways

  7. Search around here and you'll find out about most anything supplement and exercise related. You will also learn, for better or worse, that most people (here) agree that GNC is about the last place on the planet to purchase sports nutrition. Big-named, over-hyped, over-priced, under-dosed nothing special stuff, mostly. That's nothing against you. It's honest work, and if you are interested in bodybuilding/nutrition, it's a reasaonable place to start. Good luck!

  8. haha Yea I agree, they are way to expensive. But, just working around something similar to health and fitness is what im lookin for. thnx guys


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