Traveling internationally with supps, etc

  1. Traveling internationally with supps, etc

    It's been a while since I've left the States while not wanting to take downtime. What are the protocols for bringing sups, powders, etc across the border via air? Should I pack them in the check-in luggage? I'm also on TRT, so I will have a lil bit of oil with me and a few pins. I don't have paperwork handy though, and I plan on taking a large enough shot before I leave, but just want to have it with me anyhow. Just throw it all on the checked baggage?

    I've risked it in my carry-on before and managed to get pins n all through security without any questions. But I'm thinking I don't want problems if they ask for paperwork. I also don't want them thinking any bulk powders or protein powders are suspicious, so thinking of just throwing them all in my checked luggage. Best idea?

  2. Yeah just put it in your checked backs
    The Swole Stoner

  3. just buy some when you get to where you are going. unless its "gear"

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