Need some tips.

  1. Need some tips.

    I got a question thats a little out of the ordinary and any and all help is appreciated.
    There is a good chance that tommorrow i will be involved in a extreme eating contest. The winner gets 2 tickets to the AFC championship game (GO STEELERS ). What will i be eating? Roethlisburgers! How long do i have to do it? 9min 59seconds.
    So what i would like to know is if anyone has any tips that may help me eat faster, or if anyone knows of something that may cause extreme hunger.

  2. since your eating hamburgers, I've seen a trick from a champion hot dog eater where he dipped it in his drink to get the bun soggy. Much easier to swallow a soggy bun than a dry bun.

  3. I know a spike in insulin can cause hunger. Such as eating a small, high sugar drink or food prior to the contest. When your blood sugar drops, you get hungry.

    Also I've heard eating turds can make you hungry. Sorry...I'm a browns fan, I had to throw something like that in! Good Luck!

  4. Grapes! Go to the supermarket and buy TONS of grapes. Tonight you should gorge yourself with them. They help to stretch your stomach out and will leave you hungry as hell.

  5. Good news to anyone who cares! I Won! ALL I had to do was eat 3- 12 inch subs in under 9min and 59 seconds and i did it!
    I did use the soggy bun trick. As soon as the contest began i drenched all my subs in a lot of water. thanks to any one who tried to help or even cared!.



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