This made me laugh...

  1. This made me laugh...

  2. That's funny as hell.

  3. that is hilarious

  4. .... So now I know I should not put the Jan Tana hair remover near my nor my girlfriend's genitals. Gotcha. Great Tip BTW.

  5. LOL nice find.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Odessa14
    GOD, what a dumbass. LOL

  7. i'll bet it's fake. if he's dumb enough to try that, he probably couldn't get ahold of a vagina in the first place; much less find it if the girl was willing

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Odessa14
    thats BS, but its funny anyway

  9. its a joke review...check this one out by the same guy:

  10. Yeah I figured it was BS....but it made me laugh anyway.....just unexpected

  11. LOL. I'm not convinced he's joking.


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