The Wolverine

  1. The Wolverine

    Saw it last night, I really liked it. Hugh Jackman was Jacked! His conditioning and vascularity was nuts! Do you guys think he was "ON" for the making of the movie? Personally, I don't think so. Also what ya think of the movie and the "easter egg" after the credits?

  2. Going to see this in a few hours. Can't wait! I guess I'll have to wait til after credits on this one!
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  3. Definitely, don't be like those people that leave. These movies always has that little bit extra for the fans. Enjoy the movie.

  4. Cant say I enjoyed all that much to be honest. Got very bogged down and boring in the middle. Action was still really good which is typical of a marvel movie.

    And in total agreement about jackman, he looked unreal!!

  5. That's too bad, did you stick around after the credits to see who's in the next one?

  6. Holy hell he was vascular as ****! Hahaha His veins looked like garden hoses. That just doesn't seem natural, I'd say he was on something g or they just used CGI to enhance his appearance lol
    Why not zoidberg?

  7. I don't think he was, but who knows. But he looked GREAT. What did ya think of the movie?

  8. Might see it today. He does look jacked.
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    I'm a Brooklyn boy I may take some gettin' use to


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