Training while no feelig well!

  1. Training while no feelig well!

    Anyone train when they're not feeling well? I'm sure some of you have , I have in the past just hate the feeling and sucks cause your energy is way dif

  2. Are you looking for yes or no answers? Or something more in depth?

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  3. I've tried it but I find it takes me a lot longer to get better or actually makes me more sick. In my opinion It's best to just take a couple days off and get better.

  4. yes i do, usually a good workout puts me feeling better..
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  5. All depends on how sick or down you are too. Most if the time, I don't care, as long as my work capacity isn't affected too much.
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    CONTROLLED LABS products are produced in a GMP for Sport certified facility.

  6. Yes I do and have trained while sick and there are pros and cons to it, if you train too hard your body will be very drained but yes it does also make you feel a slight bit better , thanks guys for the greatness of conversation

  7. Makes me feel alil better for a lil while after but I'm guessing its cus your body is in a slight state of shock, maybe?I have no science to back that up nor do I give a **** or know what I'm talking about . It's the weed talkin

  8. If I have the flu it definitely sucks, but if I have a headache the training will take my headache away which is weird but I'm sure there is some science to it!

  9. I will train through thick and thin but on the times I am less that normal I dial back a bit, I am very sick just go for 15 minutes of slow walking, not training I know but I will feel just a little better

  10. I tend to workout with lighter weights and go for higher reps just to get me through until i'm felling better.

  11. That's what I did today low weight height reps

  12. Everytime I try to work while sick I end up feeling worse and it seems to make the cold or sickness, "set in". Better off taking a few days off.

  13. Yea I do know if you feel the sniffles and stuffy nose coming cardio will get it out.


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