This is odd, newborns with gyno from breastmilk...

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    This is odd, newborns with gyno from breastmilk...

    Was at the peds. office the other day and were talking about breastfeeding, she said that it is very common for babies to get gyno from the estrogen in their mothers breastmilk however it goes away....anyone else ever heard of this? It really has no significant meaning, but I thought it to be really odd.

  2. I would say no because the glands arent even devoloped yet. Thats like saying a neborn girl would be able to have breast like her mom. Im no doc but it just doesnt sound right to me.
    Also I wasnt aware that human milk had estro in it.

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    I'm just repeating what she said and seeing if anyone else has heard of this....
  4. tattoopierced1
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    This goes on about the transfer of hormones via breastmilk, so it is possible

    very very strange indeed.....

  5. That's it! I'm DONE drinking breastmilk!

  6. I grossed myself out on that post.

    Interesting stuff though.
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  7. We just had a boy, but in my reading leading up to delivery, I did come across just this - that female new borns can excrete liquid from their breasts just after birth. Its apparently not technically milk, but it is definately caused by the hormones present in the pregnant mother.
    I can try to find the reference if anyones interested.

    Weird but true stuff.

  8. Just have nolva handy just in case. lol jk


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