*anger* Guy at work pissing me off!

  1. *anger* Guy at work pissing me off!

    I work at TGI Fridays part time to help pay the bills for school... I just recently started actually and have been there for about a month...

    I've been a salesperson for a large majority of my 'working life'... either in computer junk or food services, etc... so I'm pretty friendly and laid back with all of my coworkers

    this one guy keeps giving me ****ing grief though, makes me ****ing mad...

    guy talks **** just loud enough so I can hear it but wont answer me when I holler back at him... always making comments how i'm tiny or small, called me a flat chest this evening when I went in to get some food before a workout(discount baby! )

    I dont give two ****s about what people think of how I look... i'm very happy with gaining the ~65lbs that I have gained in the past 3.5 years... its been no small feat and has required tons of dedication, blood, sweat, and tears... i'm no longer making excuses for my genetics, but it hasnt been easy to put it bluntly...

    this guys seems to think that I have a big ego about how 'big' I am or something... its his tone and word usage. Maybe its the way I fit into my clothes? I just look decently built; or at least lean and defined... I've got a nice sloping back, good v-taper (for my frame), wings, nice traps, etc... my whole body is developed and pretty much within a good ratio. I'm still not big, but I dont make any lies to myself otherwise.... but I do know that this guy is not very big; he has a larger frame, but less muscle and definition, and definitely less strength... i've seen him in the gym several times and its not very impressive for someone that talks big ****. I was doing the same weights he is using about 4-5 months ago, so its not a huge difference or anything. (cept squats and deads which he doesnt do)

    Only thing i can think of that might get him jealous is me coming in work the other day super stoked that I finally was working out on squats with 3 plates on each side... i didnt even tell him, was telling one of my friends who is also a coworker
    maybe his life is just ****ed up or something and i'm just taking it the wrong way...

    its just that this guy makes so many ****ing comments and I get so ****ing angry... tonight when I called up to work to check what my schedule was, he answered the phone, went and checked, then gave me my next day and mouthed off to me about how I should write it down next time, then proceeded to hang up on me before I could say anything... ****in *******

    anyway, thanks for listening to my rant... i think the next time he starts talking **** i'll ask him if he wants to hit the gym with me on leg or back day to see if he can hang... This doesnt seem to be something I need to beat someone's ass over... more or less earn some respect by getting him to back down

  2. This is easy to handle. If he is not an individual who can fire you, then simply walk up to him and ask him if he has a problem with you. If he says "no", then you say fine and please keep his mouth closed. If he says "yes", ask him how he would like to resolve it (with or without gloves )

    Individuals, who act in such a manner, typically only need to be confronted to eliminate the problem. Personally, I like to resolve all issues as quickly as possible as to avoid letting it fester on my daily life.

    Of course, maybe he likes you.

  3. yea tell him u dont swing that way and if he keeps hitting o u u will complain to management about ebing sexually harrassed..lol..after all he did call u "flat chested"..obviously hes doing his best to bait u ..2 choices ..allow him to bait u and he wins or ignore the prick and piss him off more if it continues then confront him

  4. I would use this dude for motivation...would push me to train harder to make him look like more of a fool...Unless it gets too out of hand, you may have to talk to management or confront him and tell him to shut the *uck up or risk loosing some teefs.

  5. He enjoys irritating you, because he knows it bothers you. He is a sadistic loud-mouthed moron. He will keep doing it until you take action. If you have a quick wit you can shoot wisecracks back at him to shut him up. Try, "at least I'm not an ignorant lardass like you." I think Size's advice is right on, as well as big poppa's...

  6. Invite him to a leg session and talk him into squating your 315 .After they scrape him off the floor, Whalla....no more problem. If you don't want to do that, do what Size said and confront him.

  7. Here is an idea.

    Make sure there are as many coworkers around as possible then say loud "Stop hitting on me I'm not gay! Try some gay bars or something" and walk away, so he won't tell anything back to you.

    Never talk **** back to him, he is an *******, so don't come down to his level, be better than that. Just ignore him, it will drive him nuts.

  8. haha pull a adam sandler " no i will not hookup with i have a girlfriend"

  9. thx for the advice guys lol...

    the gaybar joke sounds funny as ****... it'd prolly get him to simmer down a bit
    though he was cool with me today when i came in; kinda weird

    wojo your avatar ensured my test-levels are at their normal levels

  10. Get a steak knife and stare at him
    knife him if you need to

    otherwise, do what size said
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  11. i agree with size as well. confront the guy. don't ignore him, that **** won't work. he'll just keep on pressing buttons, belittling you in front of people to make his punk ass feel better.


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