myostatin blocker, legit?

  1. myostatin blocker, legit?

  2. Nope.. not at all... and it isn't AAS either

  3. Myostatin is made up of multiple protein strands. The new garbage products "possibly" can block or resist one or two of the strands, however, for a myostatin blocker to become fully effective it would need to completely cease the myostatin gene in its' entirety. Don't get your hopes up.

  4. The problem with every myostatin blocker created so far has been delivery. Injection wouldn't even work for most because it has to be delivered in such a way that it will actually get a chance to interact with myostatin in the body.

    Let's look at sulphated polysaccharides or SPs for short. SPs have been proven to bind completely to myostatin with high affinity .... in vitro. That's the thing. They bind only when directly applied to the molecule in a test tube. When given to a living creature, there is no delivery mechanism currently known which can actually deliver them intact to the desired destination. SPs are really just carbohydrates that have been sulphated. The sulphates simply get cleaved and the rest is turned to sugar. This happens pretty much no matter how or where it is applied. That has been the problem with the vast majority of proposed myostatin blockers; both the pharma industry and the supplement industry. The difference is that the pharma industry isn't allowed to sell products that are not effective.

    I verified this with some guys down in research here at work.

    That's why the gene therapy is getting more news. The proposed gene therapy has a firmly grounded base of research behind it and the path to a working product is much clearer. The direction to take for delivery mechanism is clear even if the finer details of which virus to modify haven't been clearly set in stone. For the most part, the kinks to work out are primarily refinement and production issues. Whereas with a working blocker, there are a number of compounds which bind with high affinity, but effective delivery mechanism is completely unknown and the consequently the amount of time it would take to discover an effective blocker is also unknown. Mind you a blocker has higher desirability for the pharma industry because

    1) it would require sustained treatment, whereas gene therapy would be a one-shot deal
    2) The approval process would be much easier than a gene therapy

  5. Um, yeah,... what Null said.



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