New Year's Resolutions - Live up to it!

  1. Lightbulb New Year's Resolutions - Live up to it!

    I have made up some progress charts for you people, to help you with your New Year's Resolutions.

    Chart 1: Nutrition and Physique
    - Calories, Carbs, Protein, Fat, Weight, Fat Mass, Lean Mass

    Chart 2: Strength
    - Bench, Shoulder Press, Deadlift, Pulldown, Squat, Curl

    Chart 3: Measurements
    - Arm, Shoulders, Chest, Stomach, Waist, Thighs, Calves

    In the columns on the left, you have numbers, alter them to your ranges. Then pick a color for each stat. Mark it week by week, or every couple weeks, or every month, whatever. This will give you something to keep you on target. Hang them on your fridge. Then post them here the same time next year. For your own sake, you may wish to take pictures now and then.

    Also, as usual, I am requesting that anyone who can improve on this idea, make a contribution. So by all means, one-up me. For example, you could easily make a supplement chart, logging your intake.

    -- I would have made it into a PDF, but everyone will have to modify the columns.

    Happy New Years,

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  2. thanks, i was thinking of putting something together like this
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  3. I'm resolving to be slightly less mediocre than I am right now. This should be easy to accomplish.

  4. bumping this mother. I posted an excel spreadsheet over at Avant (I can't post it here for some reason).

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