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    Cap Em Quick question

    I was going to get the Cap Em Quick kit either 0 or 00 for capping CEE, however I dont know and cannot find any information about how much either of these caps holds...can anyone help me out? Also, if I get say the 0 kit, can I use number 1 caps in it etc...

  2. I think it depends on which powder you are using

    But here is some info

  3. I just got the 0 kit and I was able to get 330mg in them. I just ordered the camper for it and that packs it down, so I might be able to squeeze a little more in them.
    The bag of gel caps says you can get 400-500mg in the 00 kit.
    Size 1 gelcaps are really small

  4. absolute answers on dosage / capacity are almost impossible to answer, due to varying compound densities.

    As a general rule, I find that I can get 200-350mg in a #1 cap, 375-550mg in a #0 cap, and 650-1000mg in a #00 cap - however, mileage DOES vary.

    Tampers are a must!

    This link takes you to a page that shows details for each capsule size:

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