Full rep or half rep

  1. Full rep or half rep

    How many of you jokers load up the bar and do half to quater reps?

    I pride myself on doing full rang of motion on all exercises I do. I couldn't believe the amount of jamokes today at the gym doing this
    It's especially funny when its one of the trainers doing it while they work out lol

  2. full reps or gtfo. that goes double for bench press and x10million for squats

    i watched a fat white dude last week load up the decline bar to 315 and drop that thing like half an itch while screaming his way up. and he had his typically skinny-fat partner next to him, go figure. i think he was just a typical gym noob tryin to show off to another gym noob

    my favorite is when the trainers are trying to teach squats, but cant squat themselves. only applies to able trainers, not 60yo pros that we'd all want training us

  3. I use to go to parallel on squats and just changed that I go ass to grass on every set. Backed my top squat weight down to 265 for reps (squats are my worst lift to begin with)but I feel more gratification from it. Also started doing my warm up deadlift sets standing from a deficit ( harder then I thought). All in all I'm trying to go above and beyond what's considered proper form and go deeper to break through this plateau I just landed on. It's re-satisfying to my ego in a way when i drop down weight to add something else to it thats harder. My bench can't go any deeper but I'm considering adding chains or something to help break plateau on that.... Big ass chains hanging on a bar just looks bad ass too. If your using em right of course.

  4. theres room for both....full range isn't hte only answer....quarter reps work well too, for example hammer strength chest press theres no point in locking out, staying at the bottom of the movement keeps constant tension on the muscle (quarter rep)...i don't bench press but u want to lower it as close to ur chest as possible without touching the chest (some ppl wouldn't consider that a full rep) but it keeps constant tension as well and is more beneficial
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  5. I've been having to do 3/4 reps with light weights for bench the past few weeks after a shoulder dislocation. I definitely like full ROM better, feels weird to stop before getting to my chest.

  6. Depends on the context. They do serve a purpose.
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  7. Quote Originally Posted by JudoJosh View Post
    Depends on the context. They do serve a purpose.

    Look up John Meadows and Mountain Dog training. It combines partial reps, full reps, 1.25 reps, 1.5 reps, etc. They can all be beneficial for different goals.
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  8. "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  9. I do half reps with squats but I was born with misaligned hip & femur joints and spent the first 3 years of my life in leg braces full rom just aint happening for me
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  10. Both, ever watch jason huh train?
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  11. i do mainly full rep, but throw in half rep on machine and stuff. or when i do partial deadlifts on the rack where the bar isnt starting at the floor. (about 1- 1/2 ft off the ground)
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  12. arnt partial deads kind of considered rack pulls? which is a similar but different movement

  13. Quote Originally Posted by OnionKnight View Post
    arnt partial deads kind of considered rack pulls? which is a similar but different movement

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  14. Front squats down as far as anatomically possible, even sit there for a brief moment to take ALL the rebound out of it. Back squats to just below parallel to still work glutes/hammies but keep stress on quads! Sometimes I'll do the bottom half of both f+b squats and lower the wgt to keep it like one continuous rep ( time under tension )! Leg press lower the back rest down away from the sled as far as poss to get better ROM, but I do single leg leg presses ( ex track cyclist and still coach ). Rack deadlifts are an excellent exercise for the posterior chain and therefor will increase strength/capacity on other posterior chain dominant exercises. Still gotta do full deadlifts too!!
    Those are really only my strict rules, with other exercises it's good to mix things up and keep constant tension on the muscle ( most tension on a bicep curl is in the middle )


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