Question about reps

  1. Question about reps

    how do you find out who repped you and what post etc...

  2. Is this important to you?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by mikeg313 View Post
    Is this important to you?
    its not as if getting repped would be signifanct, so its not important.
    just a little curious to see which post i get repped for

  4. If you get email updates then you should get a link in the notification to the thread you have a post that got repped. I believe it'll link you to the page it's on but not directly narrowed in on the comment. So if you have more then one comment on the page it links you to it could be any comment you made . At least that's how it works with an iPhone

  5. User control panel. I read them as some people use rep comments for messages.
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