Tyson knocks out Etienne in 49 seconds

  1. Tyson knocks out Etienne in 49 seconds

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) -- There is still some badness left in Iron Mike after all.

    In desperate need of a devastating win, Mike Tyson got just that Saturday night, flattening Clifford Etienne with a savage right hand reminiscent of Tyson in his prime.

    Etienne was knocked flat on his back in the middle of the ring and he lay there as referee Bill Clancy counted him out only 49 seconds into the scheduled 10-round fight.

    Tyson then leaned over and helped Etienne to his feet as the crowd at the Pyramid arena erupted in glee at the sudden ending to a fight that seemed like it would never happen.

    Fighting in the same ring where Lennox Lewis gave him a beating last June, Tyson went right after Etienne, who cooperated by standing in front of him and throwing punches back.

    It proved a mistake when Tyson threw a right hand that landed flush on Etienne's jaw and sent him sprawling to the canvas.
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  2. LOL. I guess he does have a glass head.

  3. don king payed this guy to take a dive for publicity

    is that a tatto on mike tysons face???

  4. Yea, thats the tat he got....

    That guy was a bitch, he was a thug, thugs cant box, I knew Tyson would rip his ass in the 1st round.

  5. He's on ESPN right now. What a bitch..he said, I feel cheated. The espn guy said... 6 million dollars for 49 seconds?? and he said Yeah, I trained really hard... pshhh

  6. Who? Tyson said that?

  7. Yeah Yj... how about dat...

  8. I would feel cheated too....training all that time for a fight, looking ahead towards future fight and you knock some ***** out in 49 seconds? Thats not even worth the jet lag to Memphis.

  9. Etienne threw the fight. He consciously removed the mouthpiece from his mouth when he was knocked down. He got up around 11 and showed no ill effects from the punch after. Was his head cleared that quickly? It was a legitimate punch, I just feel that Etienne took the back door, he got knocked down and thought it easier to not get up, a real heartless *****.

  10. Glad I didn't pay to see it. That is a worthless amount to be paid for 49 seconds. Wonder what the revenue was for this fight.

  11. The guy had only lost once before... I wonder if he really did throw it... I mean, if I was a boxer, I would love to get a chance to fight Tyson.. Well, either way, he goes home with his check

  12. it was ass bottom line. didnt even get to finish the 24 pack with the boys or the dips&chips man. oh, and tyson's baby boy....he pretty ugly man (ha) Sage

  13. Etienne has a tendency to go down -- seven times in one fight alone -- and was selected as an opponent because of his weak chin and lack of elusiveness.

    Here are some quotes from the Tyson taken after the fight

    "I've got issues I've got to deal with," Tyson said. "I'm in pain and I've got some serious demons I am fighting."

    "Maybe I'm just a domesticated animal," Tyson said.

    "I like doing other things," Tyson said in a rambling post-fight press conference. "I like getting high, hanging out with my kids, I like drinking. I like doing other things."

    Basically, this whole fight was a joke. Before the Tyson fight was Tonya Harding and some other chick. Read the rest here

  14. Man my grandmother could have taken that punch and gotten up. What did you all expect? Something real? It was a Don King production for christsakes! He knows that if he can move Tyson up the standings to maybe a Championship fight then he'll rake in millions no matter who wins. This guy is the worst thing ever to happen to boxing.

  15. Those Tyson quotes are classic.

  16. Yeah, I watched the replay a bunch of times... that was quite a production... Even Tyson after the fight was like...damn, I need more rounds... I can't fight a guy like Lewis and expect to knock him out in the first round...

  17. I forgot to add that Tyson mentioned his back was "broken."


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