ok for the people who go out for a good dinner: critique this proposed menu- or pick the things you would chose- if none- please say so- im trying to gauge its appeal.
also if theres anything anyone would want to see on a menu- please let me know-

p.s the dish must be able to be heat n eat i.e take it away and nuke it for later consumption so nothing overly flakey, please.
Thank you.
-walnut argula and gorgonzola crostini
-game chips
-steamed broccoli w/garlic n herb butter
-(side-sweet)oatmeal macroons
-(side-sweet)brady biscotti
-(side-sweet)white chocolate brioche

-(soup) shrimp bisque flambe
-(soup) cream of red bell pepper
-(soup)wild mushroom w/white truffle oil and creme friache

-(salad)****ake mushroom and hazlenut
w/aragula and mesculin
-(salad)Rocket vs Mesculin with lemon vinergarette
-(salad)Baby green spinach w/walnut mayonaise

-(entree)Lamb loin chops w/ rosemary Jus served with Morel mushrooms and twice baked potato.
-(entree)Pollo habenero w/twice baked potato and snap green beans.
-(entree)Grilled Proscutio wrapped chicken breast w/champagne infused jasmine rice, dotted with port wine reduction.

-(main)Crispy Roast Duckling w/game chips, crispy sweetpotato spagetti and red wine jus.
-(main)Chicken raviloi w/wild mushroom and watercress and Porcini cream.
-(main)Linguine w/shiitake mushrooms in a garlic cream sauce drizzled with white truffle oil.

-(breakfast)Pancakes w/Toasted Pecans and Chantilly Cream
or strawberry couli and Chantilly cream
-(breakfast)cranberry orange muffin
-(breakfast)Dark or white chocolate scones.

well once again, please give me some feedback.