Looking for an autographed photo of Reg Park...

  1. Looking for an autographed photo of Reg Park...

    A good friend of mine is looking for an autographed photo of Reg Park for her husband, who has been a natural bodybuilder for over 40 years. I know this is an odd request, but Ive checked Ebay, Google, etc and have come up with nothing.

    Im hoping someone here could point me in the right direction...


  2. Looking for an autographed photo of Reg Park...

    Big Vrunga, you asked about Reg Park autographed photographs on 12-18-2004.
    I realize that this is about 8 months too late, but you can get autographed photographs from Reg Park himself at: [email protected]

    Reg Park's official website will be launched on 05 August 2005 (Next week Friday!)

  3. Wow, thanks for replying to my old post!!! Ill check this out...

  4. Reg Park's new official website launch!

    By the way, Reg Park's website address will be:

    Autographed photographs will be on sale on the site.

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