1. Allergies

    Anyone else suffer from allergies like myself? If so what do you do to cope with this nightmare? I'm looking for some kind of solution, every time I go to the doc they just wanna put me on antibiotics.

  2. i use claritin when that season comes around. my allergies only last a few weeks though, then i guess my body adjusts to it or some ****, idk. but after 2-3 weeks, im back to normal. sleeping SUCKS for that time though. its like i cant breathe

  3. I use generic Zyrtec from Walgreens . The stuff off the shelf not behind the counter. I double dose when their bad and it does the tricks without any side effects.

  4. I'm gonna have to give that a go. I'm f*cking dying here man and I'm stuck at work. Miserable

  5. Ask your doc about Rhinocort (what its called in Aus) it's prescription but worked for me during the really bad days, also look into Phenergen, helps relieve symptoms at night and put me to sleep, no prescription needed for that.

  6. Thanks guys much appreciated

  7. Thanks guys much appreciated.

  8. Don't take nasonex! Lol...I have the worst allergies my friend just stay away from corticosteroids. The side effects are ten times worse than any anabolic you'll ever take

  9. Really ? Please explain. They have me on one now.

  10. I have allergies year round. I use Zyrtec and it works great

  11. spring is comin and its gonna be another 2 months of hell lol forgot what i use but the active ingredient start with an L. works good but gets me dead tired


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