Spreading the joy!!

  1. Spreading the joy!!

    Here's how I feel this holiday season..


  2. awesome
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  3. foamy kicks ass.

  4. "Tis the season to shut the **** up and quit being a whiney little bitch."

    That was funny.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebub
    foamy kicks ass.
    Indeed! Here's my desktop..
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  6. thats funny sh#t!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. that was great!

  8. almost sounds like george carlin in action..good ****e

  9. Awsome Stuff Pete....Funny Chit ...Merry dam X-mas and if anyone is offended too dam bad..LOL

  10. Quote Originally Posted by wojo
    almost sounds like george carlin in action..good ****e
    Yeah, that's what got me into these cartoons.. I like that kind of humor..

  11. first time i ever heard of foamy..thanx def my kinda humor too


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