New AM layout!

  1. Thumbs up New AM layout!

    WOW, I love the new look of AM. The flash design and the new skin looks GREAT!

    Hats off to Bobo and the designer!

  2. Flying by the seat of my pants here....

    What does this do? Oops....

    For answers to board issues, read the Suggestion and News forum at the bottom of the main page.

  3. New look is bad ass...

  4. All we need is the music from 2001 space odessy and it would be perfect.

  5. I dig the rotating globe...nice touch Bobo

    Maybe if you can make the blue screen more of a silver-ish color it would go well with the black background...JMO

    ...looking great so far!

  6. Sweet new look!!
    M jaw about droped when I saw it.


  7. Looks awesome....I really like the black backdrop, looks much better.....


  8. Lookin badass man!

  9. I logged on and it was one of those times when it takes for freaking ever to pull up the site;... waiting.....waiting... then finally there it is! And I was PISSED cause I thought (after all that) I had been jammed up to some other place by accident. Then there it was, AnabolicMinds! Very fresh!

  10. Yep the new look is great!!!! nice and smooth looking.WERE's the backround music

  11. this place is classy
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