Hey guys how should I handle this?

  1. Hey guys how should I handle this?

    Okay I need some help on this subject. This is very personal but you guys are pretty cool so here it goes. I have been married for two years and me and my wife have been together for a total of six.

    She is giving me a good gift. You know the gift every man dreams of. Bringing in another woman for a "little hanky panky." Now my wife is not bi but she has no problems with bringing in another woman in which I can be please by both.

    Now we have been on some web-sites trying to get this thing to work. It has been over a year and STILL we are not getting any luck.

    We have talked with some women and they seem interested but later pull out. What I've been hearing is that I have too much muscle.

    The site we have our ad up has me and my wife's photo. They say I have too much muscle. One woman wrote back saying too much muscle=big turn off.

    How in the HELL do I get around this? I'm beginning to get frustrated and thinking about just forgetting the entire thing.

    Any suggestions. Oh attached is a picture of one of the women we were trying to get. She is the one who replied back saying TOO MUCH MUSCLE = A BIG TURN OFF.
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  2. I got no ideas for you and your wife.. but send me her info. I don't have as much muscle maybe she'll consider me


    Sorry bro

  3. We are members at http://www.swappernet.com

    Give it a try. We've had good luch there.

  4. hey, I think Ive fuct THAT GIRL before.

    is her name Jess?

  5. I wouldn't sweat it Nute. Single females are really hard to find for couples in the lifestyle in the first place. i'm sure there's just as many who like muscles as those who don't so just wait for someone who will appreciate what you have to offer.

    Single fems in the lifestyle want to be assured that they can trust a couple and that the man is not overly aggressive. As we all know, muscles equal aggression in a lot of people's minds. The best you can do is find a girl who likes BBer's..of which there are many..otherwise its an uphill battle trying to assauge fears and misconceptions.

    The girl is cute..but she might not appreciate being displayed on another site without her permission.



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