The Great One...

  1. The Great One...

    On of my all-time lifting hero's is Marvin Eder. Many of you may rember I had his pic in my Avarter about a year ago. Well I found some more info on him I thought I would share. I thinks it is important to rember what could be achived through natty lifting. I took this from

    Here ya go:
    Like most lifters, Marvin begins with a warm-up. In this he presses 205 5 times (military press). After this he jumps to 255lbs. He uses two reps. Then he presses 290 lbs. for three and tops it off with using 300lbs in four or five sets for three reps. As of Feb 1953 his best press, at a bodyweight of 193 was 340lbs.

    He follows this with dips were he does 8 sets of 10 with 220lbs tied around his waist.

    After this he does squats with 500lbs 8 sets three reps.

    He also does 5 sets 40 reps for calves.

    He used a two on one off routine.

    Marvin used to lift with Reg Park (Arnold'd hero) ant they reported doing 400+lbs on bent over rows. He, IMO, is one of the greatest lifter. BBrs ever!

  2. I know. I know. This is not as sexy as the latest PS cycle. Or some new Carb Blocker. But I think it's worth putting down. Call me crazy

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