Oscar Pistorius

  1. Oscar Pistorius

    Heard they found testosterone and needles in the house.

    Case closed; it was roid rage.

  2. Out of curiosity, what is the angle the media are taking in America?

    I am curious to know if we hear the same things as you.
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  3. I've only been doing some light reading; I'm not sure there's any "angle" yet.

    I do know his defense is a complete joke.

  4. Here is an article from the UK. It claimed that they were not steroids.

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  5. Read the updated article, the cop who discovered the " drugs" jumped the gun on his statement, it's was herbal legal stuff, prolly just pro hormones, but that's what they are labeling it as, as far as why the cops were there in there first place, the dude shot his gf in the middle of the night and happend to find the stuff in his room O_o



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