A drunken stooper

  1. A drunken stooper

    By Daved (best friend and roommate)

    Feb 22/2002 - Matt  (WYD02) and I are officially retarded! We went to white cstle at 4:30 am and ordered a CRAVE CASE of chicken. For all of you who dont know what that is.. Its 30 chicken sandwiches. we successfully ate 5 of them each before we got home and then vowed to never eat whitecastle again. Add 5 chickens to a stomach full of alcohol = owwie! pity us! were stupid!

    WYD02 Edit: At this point in time, Daved (type 1 diabetic) is injecting 25 unis of humalog...For those that don't know, thats about double the normal amount of insulin for a him.....we are on mission.. but failed miserably.  The crave case box, which we requested to the White Castle employee will go up on our wall fo signify probably the worst decision we have made together. We will be eating chicken for a week.




  2. LOL.. been there do that ... well almost except I was doing the southern version Krystal.. amazing how well those sandwiches taste in the wee hours of the morning

  3. Nothing better than Krystal at 3am after a hard night of drinking. The trick is sometimes how does one keep it down.

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