Stretch Marks

  1. Stretch Marks

    Is there anything you can do to avoid stretch marks? Or is it pretty much inevitable you will get them if you are prone to them?

    I am on a cycle right now and I am seeing some show on my right quad.

    I've already got some noticeable ones in my armpits and my groin.

    edit: Found this article, anyone here tried Tretinoin or Retin-A before?

    If caught in the early stages, stretch marks can be minimised with over-the-counter moisturising creams. Vitamin E oil, which assists in general skin healing and condition, can reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Vitamin A is also a good emollient, but it's not as effective as prescription Tretinoin, or Retin-A, which attaches itself to receptors on the skin cells and helps exfoliate the skin and form healthy new cells. Though these creams are effective in moisturising the outer skin layer, they can't always penetrate deep into the dermis where stretch marks occur. They also can't completely change a pre-existing skin condition, which is why they work best on stretch marks that are just forming.

  2. I have ysed vit E oil and coco butter for years with decent results

  3. Yeah Vitamin E is a cheap way to help increase the elasticity (sp?) of your skin. All in all though don't worry about them they're battle scars wear them proudly. In time they fade

  4. welcome to the club, don't worry; buy some cocoa butter and vitamin E and they will fade in time.

    i always think of em as proof i'm doing something right.

  5. I used to be really conscious of the ones on my armpits but now about 6 months later they are starting to fade nicely. Nothing you can do, I'm afraid, except moisturize of course.

  6. I have tried a couple of things to try and get rid of them, then I just decided to acknowledge them as the trophies they are...


  7. im using a "skin firming lotion" which is a cocoa butter formula with shea butter, collagen, elastin and vitamin E
    its working pretty damn well, i think its also helping my skin tighten up (i suffer from loose skin)

  8. There was a story I saw on TV a couple of years ago that linked malnutrition to stretch marks. They sited examples of severely undernourished Africans who were covered with stretch marks. They did not say what in particular they were missing in their diets that contributed to stretch marks....probably everything. But, I know I can't seem to get a stretch mark. I have been taking multis since I was kid though. Maybe this has something to do with it. Although, genetics is probably the main determining factor.
  9. Smile Vit E

    i take 800iu of vitamin E & 2000mg of Vitamin C daily and get a very good result. Give it a try.

  10. It's too late for Vit.E after they form. But tretinoin cream (or any alpha-hydroxy acid based formula) will fade them if applied regularly


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