Got A Boob Problem, need some help

  1. k so last night i woke up and my left nipple was sensitive to touch. no warning signs the day before or anything, it was just sudden happening over night. so i thought maybe i just slept with the edge of a pillow on it or something, and went back to sleep. then i woke up and it was still pretty sensitive. im not on any cycle or anything, but i started some nolva this morning in case its gyno developing or something. theres no lump, its just a little swolen left of the nipple on the areola. and its getting less sensitive throughout the day. i thougt maybe it was an ingrown hair or pimple or something on the areola itself because it sort of looked like one about 6 hours ago. but now theres nothin there, just sensitive and sligtly enflamed. could it be a small infection?

    this **** is hard to look up cuz every question about boobs on a search engine results in pregnant women topics

  2. Seek immediate medical attention.

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