Gawd awful winter drivers

  1. Gawd awful winter drivers

    This a bit of a vent, those of you who live in western pa can sympathize. Currently its snowing balls outside its also about 14 degrees and I swear every daggum idiot is out driving right now. I just arrived home from work which is 4 miles from my home it took me 45 minuted to travel!! I was stuck behind some soccer mom in an awd Subaru and a Jeep. They were riding the brake up hills,down hills on flat pavement and moving at a blistering pace of 4 MPH. Now here's me in a 2 wd Ford ranger with 300 lbs of weight in the back driving sideways. Do they fuggin realize to travel uphill you need momentum "!!!!!! I had to phocking wait for them to get 3/4 of the way up before I could start my sideways climb in 2nd gear! And for Christs sake why on earth would you stop halfway up"!!! Its got front wheel drive just fuggin go!

    End of rant

  2. I hear ya man, I live in Iowa and it's the same here. My normal 1/2 hour commute to work turns into 1 1/2 hours any time it even flurries! People just dont get it.

  3. I live in Detroit where weall grew up our whole ****in lives with snow but the majority still drive as if they don't know wtf to do. Cautious is one thing but when your doing 40 on a 70 mph freeway in flurries with your brights and hazards on your a danger to yourself and everyone else. Take side streets or a ****ing cab morons.

  4. Chicago here. Snows every year, yet people seem to forget that. Same holds true with rain, wind, and bright sunny days.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by threeFs View Post
    Chicago here. Snows every year, yet people seem to forget that. Same holds true with rain, wind, and bright sunny days.
    Ugh chi town winter sucks. i went to boot camp in north Chicago during winter back in 99 then ststioned at NTC gor a year after. What a mistake! standing at attention for two hours outside just a quarter mile from Lake Michigan. Love the summer downtown good bars great eats lots of variety as long as you stay away from north halsted area and state street, lol.

  6. Well i'm in North Carolina so a lil bit of ice on the roads but that was it, of course nobody around here is used to it so the tow trucks were very busy.
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