Him I am wanting to achieve that dense muscular look with swollen arms similar to Taylor Lautner from the twilight not as much but similar maybe bit smaller size but like muscle got shape without looking flat whats best sort of training

    like what sort of training do i need here? 2-3 sets 1-6 rep range or 8-12 rep range i dont understand what rep is for building dense and what rep for mass could you give me link a picture for each type of training? and how could i implement this into a training routine like with 1-6 rep and 8-12 rep range?

    Like a swollen muscle looks shaped and dense instead flat? Would i need to include complex carbs to build size? without adding fat. par that diet and everything is alright.

    Thanks everyone!!

  2. I stopped at Taylor Laugtner from Twilight and decided your on the wrong forum....


  3. Pilates will give you all that you need

  4. Wait smaller arms then him? Easy bro just don't lift and eat salad
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