I am a 37 year old male. I have worked out off and on my whole life. I started working out again about 16 months ago (after being a lazy ass for about 3-4 years) and i have been hitting it pretty hardcore the last 6 months. I am 5'10, 190lbs, and about 17% body fat. My issue isn't with workouts, pain or strength. My main issue is that I don't see it like i use too.(muscle gains) Now i understand that i am getting close to 40 but damn. so after a few months of just dealing with it i went to the doctors and had him run some blood test... (I'll paste them in below)

Collected 01/11/2013
09:26 PST

Procedure Ref Range Units
Sex Hormone 72 @ [11-80] nmol/L
Testoster 876 @ [300- ng/dL
Tot/R 1080]
Testoster 109 @ [47-244] pg/mL
Testoster 1.2 [email protected] [1.6-2.9] %

To me this seems off... My SHBG is high and my free test is low as hell.

So my question is this... Could this be why Im not getting any bigger and/or gaining any size? and also what do these numbers actually mean?
I have a doctors appointment to review my lab work next week, but i want to be educated when i go in there cuz im sure he will down play it.
Any advice or help will greatly be appreciated.
Also if this is in the wrong spot i apologize in advance.