Cane Corso Experience

  1. Cane Corso Experience

    Hey guys,

    I'm just curious if anyone has owned a Cane Corso. I love dogs and have had a few, usually labs and some mutts.

    I currently have two dogs who serve as pets though one is trained to retrieve ducks and I want another.

    I have a pretty big yard for them to run around in and they are both loose leash trained as will be the new one so walking won't be a problem.

    I like Pit breeds and the American Staffordshire Terrier but the Corso is just head and shoulders above.

    My concerns are that as it gets older, it may become dog aggressive, which would be a problem considering the breed. I don't want a guard dog per se and will coax the happy, wagging tail aspect of its personality while tempering any aggression providing obedience training but I've never handled the breed and want to know what I'm up against from anyone who has.

    I've done some reading, spoken to breeders (knowledgeable but still salesmen) and hope to hear from Corso owners.


    Thanks in advance,


  2. i've shown akc amstaffs for 15 years and have been around quite a few cane corsos' at different shows. without exception they were all just big muscle headed babies. dogs are products of their environment, and a well raised dog doesn't get any angrier with age. obviously with a breed that large, formal obedience training is a must. all of the amstaffs i've ever had were trained in both obedience and confirmation.

    good luck...

  3. I have had a corso before and I agree with the above. He was just a huge puppy but you make a dog what he is. I never had a problem with mine one bit everyone was kinda scared of him at first but once they saw his demeanor they relaxed and played with him. I ended up giving him to a friend who still has him today and his family just loves him. I bought him from a guy in South Houston who had a litter. I just recently started looking for breeders in Texas to buy another one when I get a new home. there are guite a few good breeders in texas that i have been looking a. Mostly near dallas or fort worth.

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