Indonesian dudes have good genetics?

  1. Indonesian dudes have good genetics?

    I was in indonesia recently, I noticed the average guy inbali is quite lean and muscular. This is quite a contrast from someone whoo grew up in India where most of the population is unhealthy. But Indonesia is a similar culture/race and damn the average guy has great genetics and probably future force in BB. Anyone met any indonesian dudes?

  2. I don't go to foreign exotic places and check out dudes but ill take your word for it. Lol ;-)

  3. They are ussually bare chested in Bali--it is tropical. Its no issue respecting a guy's physique or even looks. Thats what all the bodybuilding mags and **** and all the judges do at bb contests. Now its another dimension when you say "mmm that guy is swole, I should tap that"

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