Music 4 the Chill N You

  1. Music 4 the Chill N You

    Threads on workout music but down time is just as important.

    Music My wife and I chill to:

    James Ingram
    Al Jarreau

    Don't be embarrassed to be honest

    Lionel Richie
    Christopher Cross

  2. Chill?

    Portishead, Sneaker Pimps, Tricky, BT, DJ Hardware, Thievery Corporation, Portugal the Man, Massive Attack, Air, Zero 7, Sugar Ros

    Lots more. Just started to draw a blank after those I listed already.

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  3. Mumford & sons
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  4. The Avett Brothers
    The Grateful Dead
    Pink Floyd
    Allman Bros
    Gov't Mule
    The Sheepdogs
    Gary Clark Jr
    Mumford and Sons
    Tom Petty
    The Beatles
    Van Morrison

  5. I have a lot of deep house, nu disco, and minimal that I like. That "urban lounge" kinda music.
    Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, Maya Jane Coles, Tom Novoy, Thugf*cker, Tale of Us, Yuri Kane, Nina Kraviz.

    Huge fan of Norah Jones. I like other trip-hop stuff like Trifonic, Delerium, Zero 7.

    Gotta love Thievery Corporation. Can't ever go wrong there.

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  6. The Doors, Sublime, Jane's Addiction so many more that i don't feel like typing.
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