Help needed

  1. Help needed

    I'm on a 12 week cycle of test-E, EQ and Winnie. I'm 27 198lbs 17.29 body fat. I don't eat the best but I do maintain 3800-4000 cal a day. I want to gain size but also see the muscle. Any advise on what exercise would help with size, strength and a little "show"

  2. go to the training forum and theres plenty of help there, thats the best thing I can help you with. that or just tell you to do HIIT and cardio. Im not (and not many other people that are some kind of respectable credentialed trainer) going to give you training advice/plan or specific exercises without a proper assessment of your current strength and condition. sounds like you have alot of stuff you need to get figured out before you should really even be doin this cycle
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