REALLY?!?! I thought this was a bodybuilding/weightlifting forum not a girls middle school! Can all you guys just get over it and stop acting like little b*tches. Grow up and be men! This is very sad! Are your lives so pathetic that you have to focus so much of your attention on someone on the internet? I'm tired of seeing all of these "Celorza" threads popping up here and there. So you don't like the guy, BIG DEAL! Sure, he has made some mistakes but who hasn't? The motto of this forum (Anabolic Minds not *cough*bbdotcom*cough*) is "Learn, Teach, Lead" not "Bash, Trash, Whine". Move on and let bygones be bygones. End of rant, I'm done!
    Jeremiah 29:11-14


  2. Quote Originally Posted by jimbuick View Post
    No, my mom won't let me! She's afraid that I might hurt myself.
    Jeremiah 29:11-14

  3. Quote Originally Posted by lukehayd View Post

    No, my mom won't let me! She's afraid that I might hurt myself.
    Even if you hire a good trainer like:

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